About Assessments

What are special assessments?

Special Assessments are one-time charges to property owners when their property (including vacant property) is serviced for potable (drinking) water, sewer or irrigation water. Once any of these services are available, hookup to water and sewer lines is mandatory for all developed properties. Irrigation line hook-up is optional. 

Are there better homesites or lots, than others? 

Yes! Corner lots are charged the highest costs when the lot has a lot of street frontage. If your corner lot has a lot of land frontage, it can be the most affordable of options. Triple lots cost more as well. Basically, the pipe must run along your street line, and the more street frontage you have, the more it will cost you. 

What if my lot is vacant?

You will still be charged the same assessments that you would if you had a home there. 

Do I have to participate?

Connection to City utilities for water and sewer is mandatory if the utilities are available to the property. Connection to irrigation water is optional. However, the irrigation assessment is due whether or not you use the service. 

How do I know if there is a balance owed on any Cape Coral property? Click here to do your search!

What if I am about to start building in a zone that is planned for assessments? 

You have three choices. 

  1. You may build your home with septic and well installations. Once the utility project in your zone is complete, they will assess your property and ask you to collape your septic tank. The well may be used for irrigation only.
  2. You may ask you builder to build up until landscaping and stop. The builder needs water to keep the sod and landscaping alive so your home will have to wait until the entire zone is complete and activated to continue constructio. You will need to get permission from your builder and lender to do this. be sure it does not affect your permanent home loan rate.
  3. Wait to begin your build until you see that the construction in yur zone is almost complete and do not install septic and well. The city will require you sign an affidavit to cover them on this. 


How do I pay for this?

There is only one moment to make this decision and it cannot be reversed, even if you sell the property. You may pay it all up front and receive an incentivized rate -or- you may automatically finance the loan with the city for selected years. When you sell our home, you may transfer this debt with the property. This debt remains as a lien on your property until paid in full.  

Is there an interest rate charged for financing capital expansion fees?Yes, the capital expansion fee(s) loan will accrue interest at the prime rate, plus 2%, existing at the end of the month preceding the date the capital expansion fee(s) loan is initiated. 

Contact the Customer Billing Services - New Construction at (239) 242-3853, for additional questions.