Investment Opportunites

Vacation Rentals

Connect with my vacation rental page to get more details. This is my favorite investment opportunity today! There are not enough rentals in the area and the demand is overwhelming! Many people simply cannot vacation here, in Southwest Florida. With cash or good credit, anyone can jump on this great opportunity. The home can pay for itself in 10 years!

Tear Downs

For the investors that want to make large returns, this is your arena! In parts of Cape Coral, along the river in Fort Myers and many areas of Naples are tearing homes down and rebuilding, making up to $500,000 in profit per home!

Spec Home Building

There is not enough inventory in our area. Spec homes are quick and easy to build. Usually during the building process, buyers will find interest because they can still select finishes. If the home makes it to completion before being sold it will not last long. There are very few new homes on the market today. Builders simply do not have the cash flow to fund them themselves. In Cape Coral, there can be room to make 10% upon selling due to the cost efficiency the builder has, building a home that is already price and time determined. Time = Money!